Lee Benjamin, Life by Lee

"Her bags are so unique. They are extremely modern, and super functional. You can fit so much into the bag! The organizer insert that she sells along with the bags are so perfect for gathering up odds & ends in the bottom of the bag & keeping everything in place. We actually brought this bag on our little staycation on Sunday and it was perfect for fitting everything Noah needed in it..."

 Liz Braga, All We Are Blog

"i’d also like to chat for just a minute about my new diaper bag. it’s by anne york and i’m not sure i could love it any more than i do. you can see it’s a bit deeper than most diaper bags but that also means it’s a lot more slender, which is great. i don’t feel like i’m carrying around a huge duffle bag. it’s also really basic looking on the outside but super functional on the inside. each bag comes with this silicone insert which helps me stay organized, something i’ve really struggled with for the last two years if you can believe it. plus the insert comes out and is washable, so you can use it in other bags and clean it whenever it inevitably gets gross..."