8 Tips to Choosing a Long-Lasting Diaper Bag

Shopping for a diaper bag can be overwhelming. So many families have to go through several diaper bags before finding the one that does the job, looks great, and lasts.

You can skip all of that with this list...

  1. Is it stylish? Your baby won't be carrying the bag - you will! So make sure you like it. Avoid child-like designs, illustrations, or even colors that don't go with most of your wardrobe. 
  2. How will it make you look? Bulky, wide diaper bags can do you a disservice by making you look bulky and wide too. So stay away from those! Find a bag that elongates your body, and can be an asset - not a distraction - from your greatest features. 
  3. Will your partner want to carry it? There are plenty of bags out there that are just too feminine for some people's taste. So find a bag that your suits both of you - then there will be no excuses for sharing the load :).
  4. Will it hold & organize all the things you need? In addition to diapers & wipes, you'll need to also bring an extra change of clothes for the baby (in case of a blowout), bottle(s), pacifier(s), snacks, small toys, a blanket, and even a baby carrier. And that's just for the baby! You need separate pockets to put your things - keys and/or transportation card, wallet, phone, water bottle, laptop or iPad. 
  5. Is it functional? Small diaper bags can look great, but won't function as you need them to. Instead, you'll have a bag "explosion" every time you try to find one thing because it's so packed. Find a bag that can adapt to how much - or little - you need to fit.
  6. Will it be used throughout your commute - drop offs, work, gym, extracurriculars? Most women don't leave the diaper bag with the baby during the day, and instead will use the bag as their own personal bag when baby isn't there. So make sure you can fit & organize the stuff for the baby (or babies!) and you. Don't forget about things like your tablet, laptop, workout clothes, and even travel!
  7. Is it just a diaper bag, or can you use it for other things? You don't have the energy to keep up with a different bag for each function, so buy one bag that does it all. Think about the functionality you need not just throughout your day, but even your week. Do you need an overnight bag? A carry-on? A camera bag? Most of us do, so buy a bag that works.
  8. Is it safe? This is so important. Many of the diaper bags out there are filled with chemicals, plastics and harmful dyes. Check the labels, and keep you and baby safe!

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a diaper bag - keep these 8 things in mind, and you'll shop with confidence!

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